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Jump Higher – Workouts to Increase Vertical Jump

Vertical jumps are not very difficult to increase and they can be done if the player is determined. Determination is a key factor to jump higher. It is necessary if you want your player to score higher and be the best while playing basketball. With the proper jump, you’ll have your team win in no time at all.

Here are some incredible ideas:

  • Jump Like a Frog

  • Come on, squat!

  • Run upstairs, dear

  • Raise your toes

  • Crunch your stomach

  • Jump vertically

Jump Like a Frog

It isn’t funny at all! It is a mere fact! What you have to do is start jumping a rope like a frog. Both your ankles should be together when you are jumping. Do not “skip” the rope, jump it. The muscles that help you take a leap are the ones that will be getting stronger with this exercise. Continue this for a few days so that you don’t tire quickly. Read more… »