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Learning the Basketball Basics – Be an Expert Player

Basketball is a thrilling, fast moving game that people of all ages enjoy. Whether they are playing recreationally, or are part of a team, players need to know how to play the game. To ensure players get the most enjoyment from the game, it is important that they know basketball’s basic rules and guidelines.

How the Game is Played

Basketball is played by 2 teams of 5 players each on a court. The court is a rectangular shaped floor with a basket or hoop on each end. The basket is suspended in the air by a 10 feet pole.

To start the game, one player from each team faces each other at the mid line. A referee tosses the basketball in the air above the 2 players. The player who catches the ball first has control of the ball. The team who has the ball is the offensive team. The team without the ball is the defensive team. Read more… »