Learning the Basketball Basics – Be an Expert Player

Basketball is a thrilling, fast moving game that people of all ages enjoy. Whether they are playing recreationally, or are part of a team, players need to know how to play the game. To ensure players get the most enjoyment from the game, it is important that they know basketball’s basic rules and guidelines.

How the Game is Played

Basketball is played by 2 teams of 5 players each on a court. The court is a rectangular shaped floor with a basket or hoop on each end. The basket is suspended in the air by a 10 feet pole.

To start the game, one player from each team faces each other at the mid line. A referee tosses the basketball in the air above the 2 players. The player who catches the ball first has control of the ball. The team who has the ball is the offensive team. The team without the ball is the defensive team.Basketball dunk

The ball has to be moving at all times. A player cannot hold or carry the ball. When moving down the court with the ball, the players have to bounce the ball as they are moving. This is called dribbling. The player who has the ball can only hold onto it for 35 seconds before passing it to another player. If the player does not dribble or pass the ball, they may get a violation call from the referee.

Fouls and Violations

There are many fouls and violations in basketball. Fouls are called on players who touch another player in an unprofessionally physical manner such as hitting, punching, tripping or other unprofessional actions. A foul can also be called on coaches if they swear, use vulgar, inappropriate language or argue.

Violations occur when a player is inappropriately handling the ball or moving inappropriately on the court.

Players’ Positions

Basketball has basic positions for each player. These positions are for both offensive and defensive sides. They are as follows:

  • Centre is usually the tallest player. They are positioned near the basket to block passes or shots from the opposing team. They are responsible for trying to get the ball into their basket.

  • Forward generally plays in the wings or corner areas of the court. They assist in passing or blocking the ball. Forwards are your middle sized players.

  • Guard is responsible for dribbling the ball down the court and setting up plays for their team mates to get the ball into the basket. Guards are generally the shortest players.

People, who are just learning to play, can learn the basics of basketball through drills and practise sessions.


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